Play Date of
Fayetteville, Inc.

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Meet the Team

Mrs. Brittany
  Mrs. Brittany has been working at Play Date for 7 years!  She is always so patient with the kids, and specializes in talking quietly, getting on their level,  and  making sure to explain things so they understand. P.S. She's the BEST facepainter!  Find her on FB at Carnival Ink.
Ms. Ariel
Ariel has also worked at Play Date for a long time; five years!  We call her the Baby Whisperer. She's so calm and patient, and can always soothe them.  She has gently helped countless children adjust to being left somewhere for the first time.
  Mrs. Megan

Megan has worked at Play Date since late 2010, in between moving across the country twice.  She is very softspoken, and the children love to be around her. Her calmness spreads to the kids and helps calm even the most anxious ones. 
Ms. Meghan
Meghan has been at Play Date for one year.  If you hear someone singing, it's probably her. She loves to sing about everything, and always has a big smile on her face.  Kids can't stay upset around her.
Her contagious personality makes her a joy to be around.  

Mrs. Angie
Angie began working here in Sept 2017.  She is always smiling and is very cheerful.  She loves having fun with the kids and can often be spotted with the kids dancing to "Just Dance".   She is also bilingual, which has been very helpful on more than one occasion.   
  Ms. Jasmine
Picture coming soon
  Mrs. Camila
Picture coming soon
Cheryl and Brian Vandegrift

     Cheryl and Brian Vandegrift are both veterans of the U.S. Military.  Cheryl spent 12 years in the Air Force Security Forces, while Brian retired after 22 years in the Army.  After leaving the Air Force and having three children of her own, Cheryl started Play Date in January 2010.  She had used Play Date of New Bern when her oldest daughter was 2, and fell in love with the concept. She knew Fayetteville and all the military families needed this service in the area. 
     With spouses often deployed or in training, families required somewhere to drop off their children for a few hours, especially since many did not have their children enrolled in a full time daycare.  Cheryl started Play Date to bridge the gap between expensive full-time care and taking their children with them to all of their appointments.
     Now parents can workout, go on a date, have lunch with a friend, shop, attend meetings, go to job interviews, pack or unpack from a move, or any one of an endless list of activities, child free!  And for rates that are usually less than a babysitter.  

     Cheryl and Brian are proud to be serving Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, and the surrounding areas, and love helping out their fellow military families.  They take great care in providing the highest quality of childcare, and will continue to do so far into the future.