Play Date of
Fayetteville, Inc.

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Play Date Structure

     Play Date Hourly Drop-In Child Care allows children to explore  and learn how to play and interact with other children in a safe environment.  We emphasize parallel and cooperative play,  and we have several different play area themes they can choose from.  There's a cafe, a dress-up corner, a doctor's office, a large building block corner, train tables, and a puppet theater.  We also have numerous cars, superheros, Little People sets, dinosaurs, castles, dollhouses, and other toys.  Additionally, we work with the children on manners, empathy, communication, and managing conflict with their peers.   

      Throughout the day, we take breaks for arts and crafts, puzzles, Legos, playing in the rice table, bubbles, Play-Doh, reading, music and movement, or maybe an educational or exercise video on television.  Activities vary day to day.

     We do have a separate area with age appropriate toys for children and babies who may be a little overwhelmed with the large play area to go to have quiet playtime.  This is also a great area for our guests who have sensory considerations who find the main playroom too loud at times.  
     We do not have scheduled "nap times", but we do have pads for them to sleep on if they do happen to fall asleep.  Naps are taken in the toddler room, away from the active children.